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The Impact Of SEO On Branding: 4 Effective SEO Strategies For Your Brand

SEO strategy to boost your branding

When it comes to improving brand awareness, the idea of large banners and digital posters comes to our mind. But have you thought of using SEO for branding? As per any professional digital branding agency in India or any other country, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an effective branding strategy to establish and grow your brand. You will learn 4 effective SEO strategies to boost your brand online here.

 As digitalization is at its peak, the marketing industry demands a more updated branding strategy. And SEO is one of such effective, modern strategies. Big brands are going ahead, improving their face value through innovative SEO strategies. While Amazon participates in the game with user-generated content, ETSY focuses on SEO-optimized content.

But how ranking at the top of Google can impact a brand? How can businesses use this strategy? Here we will be discussing all the details regarding it.

Before we get into the details of the impact of SEO, let’s learn about what SEO is and how it works.

What is SEO?

The term SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used to rank a website page on Google. It is a method including diverse optimization strategies. A high Google rank helps you to generate more leads for your business through organic traffic. The higher the rank is, the better the traffic grows. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, SEO plays a great role in attracting the target audience and sales.

So, the significance of SEO for the growth of a business is evident. Now, let’s dig deep into how it improves a business’s branding.

How Search Engine Result Matters for a Brand:

According to one study, the brands in the USA spend nearly $79.27 billion amount for leveraging SEO services. Why is it so? Let’s know here.

Visibility: Branding is, after all, about building connections with your customers. With organic click-through search engine optimization, the brands find a way to connect with the people. A large number of people come to know about the brand and its products. Thus, a high-ranking brand gets more clicks than other low-ranking sites.

Credibility: 81% of consumers buy from the brands they trust. So, credibility is a crucial factor. When people see a brand with just one click, they feel comfortable with it.  Also, high rank means frequent visibility of the brand through blogs, press releases and so on. Thus, SEO success for a page makes the business trustworthy. The brand becomes reliable.

Good Website Experience: SEO contributes a lot in improving users’ experience with the site. The users feel it easy and comfortable to search through the site. Thus, it spreads a positive perception of the brand.

So, that is how it works. With a high SERP ranking, a brand can reach the zenith of success. Considering it, businesses nowadays focus more on SEO than before. Let us share some insights on how you can use SEO in establishing your business’s brand.

How you can Use SEO to Improve Brand Awareness?

Hunter Branch, the founder of Rank Tree, exemplifies how an author got his popularity by improving the site’s traffic from 20K/month to 140K/month. From famous SEO expert Neil Patel to many other big brands, look for unique SEO techniques to improve their brand awareness.

So, here, we will discuss some effective SEO strategies from the top branding companies. Ask any professional digital branding company in India, You will find these solutions from them.

Link Building: Backlinks work well when it comes to improving brand awareness. The top digital marketing companies use link-building strategies effectively. It is a great way to make your brands visible on different platforms. It gives organic visibility to your site. Eventually, it makes more people aware of it. Thus, your company reaches its performance goals along with brand awareness KPI.

Consult a professional branding agency, and they will tell you how backlinks are important for your brand. Without it, you cannot go ahead with your branding.

Optimized Keyword Phrases: Nearly 64% of marketers actively spend time in SEO to increase brand value. And for them, optimizing keywords is a notable factor. Especially, the long-tail keywords matter the most. According to experts, long-tail keywords are likely to increase click rates by 3-5% more than generic searches.

However, optimizing keywords is not an easy task. It involves multiple aspects, including the search intent, structured data, etc. Structured data is essential for “snippets.” Also, targeting non-commercial keywords through SEO is a great way to reach your potential customers. In addition, it expects your company to be voice-search ready. Moreover, do not forget to use branded search terms. These terms are the queries people search about your brand.

Take Help of Local SEO: People consider local SEO only a way to optimize the site for local areas. Hence, many companies overlook this part of SEO. They go for global SEO to get better outreach. But the case studies tell a different story. 46% of Google searches are of local intent. People look for local SEO services providers to solve their problems locally. So, by any chance, you cannot ignore it. It is a significant factor in brand awareness.

Local SEO is not what people think. It is not to focus on one local area. Instead, local SEO focuses on specific areas. It helps in geo-targeting. People’s needs vary as per their locations. With the process of geo-targeting, you can meet the different needs of different people. It involves different variations of your website for various areas.

Connect Social Media Channels: SEO and SMO or social media optimization is a perfect combination for brand awareness. According to a 2018 study by Hootsuite, SEO-optimized sites with top social shares got a 22% boost in their ranking.

Organic reach is essential. But when it is time-consuming, you must leverage social media channels with it. Even professional branding agencies in India confirm its utility.  Search Engine crawls through the social media posts and indexes them. So, it is an effective strategy to make your brand visible easily.

Connecting social media channels with SEO strategies includes multiple aspects. And to build a brand, you need to keep all of these factors in mind. First of all, post valuable content. Secondly, engage with your audience. Thirdly, run paid campaigns occasionally. It is essential to stay hooked on the competitive edge in the digital marketplace. Build a community using your channels.

Factors to Remember for Effective SEO for your Brand

Best digital marketing companies in India often use these strategies to bring high visibility to their business brands. Along with these effective SEO strategies, keep other factors in mind.

For example, include your brand personality in your website. From the theme colour to the brand value-everything should be reflected in it. Secondly, keep your website mobile-friendly. Studies say the beginning of 2021 saw a rapid growth of 54.8 % in global website traffic through mobile devices.

First, improve the loading speed of the site. Next, take care of the site’s security and its functionality. Finally, make sure that your site offers the best user experience.

Now, let’s know how you can check the growth and visibility of your brand in SEO.

Measure the Brand Awareness through SEO:

After putting in all the efforts, you must be interested to know how it comes out. So, here are the ways to learn how to measure brand awareness through SEO. Try them to see the growth of your business brand.

Use Branded Search: Previously, you must have used the branded search terms in your SEO keywords. Now, it is your turn to check if they are working or not. Type the terms in the search bar and see the visibility of your brand. You may ask your acquaintances at different locations to search the terms and see the results. Thus, you can get an idea about how your brand is reaching people.

Check Direct Traffic Analytics: Direct traffic includes the clicks coming through direct searches. Visitors sometimes go to the sites by typing your website URL or through a saved bookmark. Consider it as direct traffic. If any of your visitors does so, your brand is working well.

Mentioning of the Brand: Pay attention to the social media channels and other similar websites. People tend to mention popular brands on different platforms. If you see your business name there, your branding strategy is successful.

Overall Brand Perception: It is a vital factor. Observe the market closely. Have an idea about what values people associate with your brand. Run in-depth research. You can run a detailed survey. Also, you can ask for feedback from your site visitors. It is now easy to run an online survey through social media. You can try that too.

Look What Your Competitors Say: The growth of your brand awareness reflects on your competitors’ search also. Any industry runs with the cutting-edge competition. So, companies often observe their tough competitors stay ahead of them. If you find yourself in their search list, your brand is growing.

Thus, you can check the growth of your brand through SEO. Nonetheless, top digital marketing companies in India and other countries use many other strategies.

A Case Study:

Nike Golf is the golfing brand of a renowned company called Nike. Once, they took an excellent path to improve their branding. They set an example of how strategic application of keywords can improve the organic traffic to the site. And eventually, it can enhance the brand value to the people.

The challenge was a lack of focused keywords. Usually, these keywords direct the visitors to your site. So, due to the deficit, they were not getting the desired count of customers. Their branding got stuck. Furthermore, they developed a plan.

With analytic’s help, the SEO team prepared a report on their targeted customers’ search. Then, they optimized the site with those search terms. Gradually, their site got a 169% increase in organic search traffic. They rebuilt their website with an effective keyword strategy. And their brand value drastically improved among their targeted audiences.  

That’s how SEO works to push a brand further if used in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

Increasing brand awareness through SEO is easier said than done. So, it is best to hire a professional digital branding agency. They will help your brand to grow exponentially. With in-depth branding expertise and effective SEO strategies, a digital branding company does the task well. It is the best choice of all time for improving brand awareness. Also, remember brand takes time to grow, even if through SEO. So, have patience and put effort into the right way.

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