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Quality vs Quantity – Choices for Branding Agencies in India

Quality VS Quantity

The “quality and quantity” is a commonly debated topic among branding agencies. As the matter of fact is that both have their own sets of benefits offered to a website. However, a leading branding agency in India suggests a perfect mix of these brand assets should be determined by a plethora of factors. Along with its established goals, brands must use their resources efficiently. 

Even though this sounds ideal, it’s actually unrealistic. For most brands, with enhanced content quality, production is definitely impacted. This happens especially if it’s done without any additional production cost. On average, content marketing makes up for a share of almost 25 percent of a marketing budget. An estimate of seven to eight percent of the gross revenue should be spent on marketing. P&G once spent almost 35 percent of its revenue on marketing strategies.

So, how can quality and quantity affect the way that your brand blends into the sea of marketing? Let’s find out!

How Can Quantity Affect Marketing?

A common notion among marketers is that more content generates more traffic. Every post that’s published on your website has the potential to appear on a SERP. This implies that your website can attract a large number of readers. Ideally, with more content, more are your chances of reaching a bigger audience. Many branding agencies in India focus on SEO techniques, strategies, and other guidelines. These factors enable website content to rank higher and appear on top of the search results.

The graph below explains how quantity can generate more leads.

How It Works Wonder for Branding Agencies in India?

However, this branding strategy can hold good only to a certain extent. Attracting more traffic is not the ultimate goal of any company. The aim is to target appropriate traffic to generate sales, leading to conversions. The content should focus on your target audience, providing value to their requirements.

In establishing your brand value, you must have acquired a satisfactory customer base. Right at this point, you can deliver more substance. Customer satisfaction shouldn’t be a thing to worry about here. Your brand name and its loyalty will attract your readers whatsoever.

Again, with more content, a company’s outreach and social presence can strengthen. More content will automatically make way for more social media posts. Similarly, more newsletters and content promotions will come forward amidst the marketing mix.

Google’s Zero Moment of Truth states that an individual needs about 18 touchpoints from a brand. That converts him/her into a customer. The more the content surfaces, the more are the chances that a customer comes across your brand. This in turn creates awareness and consideration for the brand among the online mob.

Robots Are Used to Create High Content Volume

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making headlines with its advancement. Many big organizations have started using AI robots to create high content volumes.

Did you know that Washington Post is producing about 1000 articles each day? Sometimes even more. Have you wondered about its possibility? Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, uses AI robots in collaboration with Nash Holdings. With the help of AI robots, they are easily delivering more than 1000 articles each day.

However, these robots are only able to compose simple and basic articles. Their inability to comprehend complex articles makes these posts look average.

Does Quantity Benefit Branding Agencies in India?

Here we will take an example to get to know the story well. Venture Capitalist, Fred Wilson, mentions in his own blog to write at least one article each day. Wilson sometimes writes about new technologies, businesses, and investments.

But he also writes about his vacations and holidays quite often. In such articles, he manages to put only a video from his vacation. He does not deliver great quality articles. But maintaining a moderate level he is writing daily for 35 long years. And in this manner, he has gathered for himself an enormous fanbase.

With dedication and quantity for almost 35 years, Wilson now has a loving target audience. People connect well to every post he publishes. Forbes recommends every individual to start following him and read his articles.

How Can Quality Affect Marketing?

Quality in your content can make you unique with a strong purpose. Defining quality is subjective. If you keep posting great content but no one cares to read them, the purpose of your content goes down the drain. Posting limited articles every month, will not rank on the SERP. Hence, will reach hardly a handful of the audience and hold no value.

Also, the internet is flooding with content. One gets overwhelmed with so much content for just one keyword. To make yourself stand apart, you ought to deliver great content. The content must be unique, interesting, and informative enough to the reader.

Likewise, surrounding a similar message, we get to see neverending content. The key is to reuse a similar purpose to create the message in a different way. To make things more distinct, the message can be broken down into smaller components. These can then be delivered to the audience. This will help answer your target audience. You can even add to your idea list to create more volumes of content.

Wider Reach with Superior Quality

Quality content has all the advantages that you can think of. Take your own example. If you tend to like any content, be it in the form of a video, social post, or something informative, you forward it. Similarly, quality content is shared among different age groups and even across countries. This will extend your reach and audience. Your content will receive more exposure.

If you think of the same thing in a different manner. Quality content will be liked and appreciated by the readers. They will be aware of your brand. This in turn will generate sales, followed by conversions. Creating awareness and impact among the audience is something that must be addressed. This is a common practice among the top branding agencies in India.

Customer Satisfaction as a Brand Asset

With evolving business trends, the current scenario focuses particularly on user experience. If you don’t provide a pleasing experience to your customers, they will no longer be associated with you. You fail to value them, they leave you and go to a brand that does.

Not just customer retention with struggle, you’ll also lose out on existing customers. And this can spoil your brand image in no time. From reviews to word of mouth, your business will start noticing the significant loss. Hence, customer experience and satisfaction prove to be the driving forces for businesses.

Quality vs Quantity – What’s Ideal for Your Business?

It’s an obvious perception that there is no appropriate choice between the two. Some methodologies work great for a few companies, while the same set doesn’t go well with others. However, these undertakings can help you know some insights about marketing professionals.

  • Great substance consistently beats inferior quality substance
  • High-volume, inferior quality substance regularly loses to low volume, top-notch content
  • In the period of pinnacle content, advertisers need great substance to stand apart

In any case, the ideal situation is to create top-notch content at a high volume. As a result, you must put efforts into promoting endeavours and recruit appropriate HR. This will help creating a high volume of top-notch content.

A few questions that may arise during this quest…How are you utilizing content advertising? Do you centre around quality or amount? Or on the other hand both? Share with us while setting high standards for your branding choices in India! 

Summing Up

Marketing strategies among the branding agencies in India should be of good quality. The ability to write and edit like a pro should generally be the top-most priority. Sometimes it serves you well to pay for truly high-quality content, sometimes the numbers matter more. Significantly, it depends on the model of your business and the market expectations.

After analyzing, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t depend on the most impactful factor. Rather, it solely depends on what suffices your customer’s buyer persona in the best manner.

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