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Is It The Right Time To Invest In Brand Marketing?

Is it the right time to invest in brand marketing?

For businesses, the global future is in a state of flux. With the pandemic scare looming large over mankind, the adverse effects are prominent on consumers and business entities. Decision makers and brand marketing in India had to adapt to the tide, facing numerous hurdles and political unrest amidst all this madness. 

This is what Indian startups and SMEs had to say about the impact of the pandemic on their line of business.

Despite this turbulence, businesses and senior marketers can make use of this unique opportunity to plan for their brand’s rebirth. By investing in branding along with the right guidance and support, you can proactively seek a brighter tomorrow. Focusing on every minute detail of your branding strategy like your visual image to your communication mediums, this time can actually prove to be the make or break period in your branding game. 

The Indian economic climate is uncertain right now, and it’s getting more difficult for brands to win over their target audience and potential associates. It’s almost certain that these problems are here to stay for a considerable period of time. So, it’s solely up to you whether to turn around and shake things up or get carried away with the tide.

With the COVID-19 pandemic coming to the forefront, a Kansas City-based distiller, J. Rieger & Co., paused its bottled alcohol production and began distributing hand sanitizers to healthcare workers, local businesses, and to the community. This transformation in its business model attracted a lot of praise and goodwill from its user base and the press.

Invest in Brand Marketing: Prepare For a Brand Audit

Let’s face it, now is the time to fasten your seat belts and think of innovative branding strategies to connect with your audience in a better manner. It’s time for SMEs and large enterprises to explore new markets, experiment, and be heard by the common mob.

For numerous businesses, this age of renewal and change has irked a desire to revisit important, personal, and professional goals. Moreover, given the situation in and around the country, agencies for brand marketing in India are hit with the need to make plans for their own transformations.

By all means, the pandemic encouraged social distancing norms, and the food tech giants Zomato and Swiggy went hyperlocal. For the purpose of catering to the local audiences, they’ve begun delivering alcoholic beverages from local and nearby shops.

The only way forward today is through differentiation. The thing that separates your business from others is nothing but your brand. With that in mind, here are a few identically sorted tips to consider as you head on to your new brand investment:

1. Go For a Brand Audit

The first step adopted by agencies for transforming brand marketing in India for the target audience is by conducting a brand audit. This additionally helps review the exact scenario in terms of a brand’s performance and market presence. Analyzing this helps brands to take calls in terms of their future goals and plans. 

At the end of the day, your refreshed brand must focus on the growth and ambitions of your firm. Only then you’ll be able to make appropriate plans to take your brand from where it is to where you want it to be.

2. Develop Your Identity

One of the biggest benefits of a global-level disruption is that it could be the ideal opportunity for many businesses to completely rebrand themselves. Correspondingly, you can make crucial and necessary changes to support the brand that you crave for.

Allowing the brand’s visual identity to remain the same, your wider brand identity can be tweaked to give a much-needed boost. This can correspondingly increase your chances of standing out in the competition that’s getting challenging day by day. Additionally, analyze how your brand investment or new marketing professionals could help cater to new audiences and adhere to the gaps in your industry.

Look at how VSCO introduced its audience to a brand new feature, “Montage” amidst the pandemic. This feature, likewise, incorporates a multimedia creation opportunity on the VSCO platform with videos and storytelling.

3. Refine Your Brand Guidelines

It’s astonishing but true! Many companies are without any understanding of their own brand guidelines. Don’t feel shy, if you are one of these people. Not to mention, this might be the perfect time to rethink what you really want to achieve with your brand.

As a matter of fact, these guidelines are not 100-page scriptures. Correspondingly, all you need is an outline of the key elements that you believe are crucial to the essence and functionality of your brand. These guidelines must include things like:

  • Important colours and logos
  • Fonts and graphics
  • Social media and other channels
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Offline media

4. Re-Assess Your Brand Position

As countries operating beyond national boundaries have become more uncertain about their trading abilities, some industries have begun to struggle more than others like travel and hospitality. One of the best ways to expand branding efforts and enhance conversion rates that are followed by companies for brand marketing in India is to create a brand positioning statement.

A brand positioning statement comprises sentences that can communicate the unique value of your brand to the target audience. This is a comparative metric that goes head to head along with your main competitors in the market. Additionally, it can highlight the gaps in the industry that you can capitalize on. This will help onboard new customers or introduce your brand to newer business opportunities.

Brand Investment: Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Business

The good part about brands willing to benefit from this shifting marketplace is the newer technologies and trends. These have emerged over the past few years to give your branding strategies and functionality a refreshing, impactful approach. 

Revamping and redesigning your brand and business goals regularly gives a crucial upper hand to stay ahead of the curve. However, what’s more essential, is housing a tactical methodology to make your transformation a positive and fruitful one. Correspondingly, the proper execution of your plans is what determines whether it will be beneficial for brands. Additionally, it also depicts whether their goals will counter uncertain economies as the current pandemic has brought forth.

With these pointers in mind, ensure to refine your customer experience on your website, social handles, and newsletters alongside analyzing your competitors and their offerings. You can even resort to agencies offering brand marketing in India if you feel the need to be. But make sure to utilize this opportunity to revamp your branding strategy. Take steps to leave your competition behind by incorporating great strides forward.

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