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Covid-19 On Digitization: Insights For Branding Companies In India

Impact pf Covid -19 on Digitization

In a short span, the Covid-19 scare brought forth drastic measures. Naturally, business decisions opted by brands have even evolved. Soon, branding companies in India had to look for ways to suffice client requirements. To stay competitive in this new normal era, every business needs to hone new strategies. Most respondents recognize the strategic importance of technology as a critical business aspect. 

Respondents from various companies have executed successful responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. They mention the effective utilization of n-number of technologies that others didn’t adopt. These mainly involve the gaps sufficed by technology where talent is needed. During the crisis, the use of advanced methodologies helped innovate and experiment.

How Digitization is Taking Center Stage?

Digitization has emerged as a bridge between gaps from shutdowns and distancing norms. Without the effective utilization of these digital tools, our lives would be impacted. We would have no way to work, shop, go to school or do any of our daily activities.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the adverse effects of digitization amidst the pandemic.

1. Working Remotely

The need to work full-time yet remotely has been a stun to the framework. The point of concern was,  however, how efficiently everything can be pulled off. According to a report from Owl Labs, ‘30% of the US employees worked remotely before the pandemic. Since Covid-19, almost 70% of the full-time workers from the US started working from home.’

Gradually, transitions to a better and more organized manner were visible. With such a huge population working remotely, digital collaboration started improving. To justify the situation and manpower, tools and software saw advancements.

2. Omnichannel Business

As numerous physical businesses shut down during the pandemic, online options began to boost. Consumers went for online shopping to meet their needs. Even people who never believed in online shopping were left with no other choice. From grocery to medicines, most of the daily needs generated heavy online demand. 

Now, businesses and branding companies in India are blending physical and digital channels. This is to accommodate their customers through conveyance strategies. Hence, the physical-digital integration is now gaining importance like never before.

3. Consumption of Digital Content

Individuals are turning to digital platforms with theatres and other recreations closing. In-home media is gaining popularity among individuals worldwide for its dose of entertainment. According to this Statista report, ‘almost 50% of users opt for online shows on OTT platforms.’

Even film production houses are pushing their films through these digital streaming providers. During the first three months of 2020, Netflix saw 16 million new signups.

4. Plug and Play

To survive the test of time, companies are switching to digital platforms. Elementary and graduate schools, even high-level education systems have shifted to online classes. Gyms, the fitness industry, and dance studios are holding virtual classes. Live classes and pre-recorded classes, both are identically making their own space. 

Starting from small meetings to large-scale conferences and events are being held virtually. As per Business Wire, the New York Stock Exchange has transformed into online trading.

The pandemic serves as a global test, testing the effectiveness of digital solutions. A majority of these will generally be transformed into permanent fixtures. Some will lead to long-term changes for businesses and branding companies in India.

Factors That’ll Impact Digital Success

In most cases, focusing on customer experience paves way for major path-breaking changes. These often, make or break the digital success game. In fact, CX displays options for improvement. This eliminates friction in the online branding journey.

Here are some pointers that you must be wary of while considering digital prominence.


A different and out-of-the-box perspective is of utmost importance to add value to a change. In organizations functioning around internal processes and functions, customers are the priority.

Obviously, the focus should revolve around customer demands, needs, and wants. Digital Orientation correspondingly builds up the base for digital success.


The entire company should be aware and in sync with the digital strategies and goals. This generally includes every individual, starting from lower-level employees to higher management levels. Hence, the company goals should be aligned with customer expectations and behaviour. Everyone can understand this by looking at the Banking Sectors. Especially, the Banking sectors sped up their digitization process to a new level.


It’s crucial that you assess operational infrastructure, and make necessary changes. Moreover, alterations must be in departments of technology, process, and policies. This will aid in keeping up with changes in the digitization scenario.

In fact, one good place to start with is the contact details and its relevant associates. You will open opportunities to deliver enhanced customer experiences. This will eventually make your branding strategy a collaborative affair. 


A dedicated team must have a sought-out structure in place for digital success. It’s essential that every member of your team is informed and educated about the processes. The roles, accountability, and the structure overall, will have a center of purpose. That’s how branding companies in India can come into the picture with great help.

Insights & Intent

It’s not just about planning and executing. You must also react to performance issues. You must accumulate data and apply insights toward strategizing to influence digital evolution. Data is an important aspect that generally helps you with buyer journeys.

Irrespective of their mode of interaction, data can aid brand relevance. It also aids in increased revenue, eventually leading to digital transformation.  

Popular Marketing Strategies During the Covid-19 Era


With numerous stores selling out, the toilet paper brand, Cottonelle, promoted a campaign. It eased concerns amongst customers and minimized panic buying. Simultaneously, the brand pledged to contribute $1 million and one million toilet paper rolls.  

They teamed up to be an active assistant to United Way Worldwide’s Covid-19 Response and Recovery Fund. Further, they shelled out an amount between $1 and $100K for a #ShareASquare hashtag.


To address the increasing concerns of customers, McDonald’s adopted new safety precautions. They had thermal checks for employees before and after shifts – every single day. They outlined all the safety routines that the brands had brought into their system. It helped them deliver safe and tasty meals to their customers without fail. 


As a brand that has been in existence, for more than a century, Ford, has depicted its share of tough times. It turned out to be a genius of a marketing strategy. Subsequently, it highlighted all their ups and downs over the years.

To acknowledge the current scenario, it displayed the global crises from the past. Subsequently, one of their ad highlights was building military equipment during World War II. They even conveyed their commitment to countering COVID-19. It was by producing medical equipment in short supply.  

To do their part, the company also aided consumers who faced financial hardships. This was achieved by means of their Ford Credit payment relief program.


While at home, isolation and anxiety are common among hundreds of people. Ikea Spain saw an opportunity to uplift its consumers in this scenario. They called out their Spanish- and English-speaking audiences back into their own dens. As a result, Ikea reminded people of the stable worlds they had already created. 

They urged their users to spend time with their near and dear ones amidst this situation to value relationships that actually matter. Soon, numerous social shares flooded with clips of netizens having good times.

Is the Digital Revolution to Last Forever?

The COVID-19 pandemic has eventually left us in a horrible space. It’s shrieking, ‘What’s next?’. ‘What does the pandemic mean for businesses and branding companies?’. Those working in health care and restaurants have already embraced the digital space. They are shaping up the new functional features with the help of technology. 

But for other domains of marketing, if you’re falling short of ideas, reach out to us. As one of the top branding companies in India, we’ll help with innovative ways of re-launching online.

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